Buy A Whole Cow

How to Buy a Whole Cow

Here is how it works.

The animal is field harvested, sectioned into quarters and delivered to the butcher for dry aging and custom cut & wrap. You will work with the butcher on determining your meat cuts and will pick up the meat directly from them when ready. We will match you up with a local butcher.

There are 2 weights you need to be aware of. First is the “live weight” which is a live animal on pasture. Second is the “hanging weight” which is the weight that the butcher gives us after the carcass has been taken to the butcher shop to hang and Dry Age. The weight difference from live to hanging weight is from loss of blood, head, hide, hooves, viscera & lungs. The hanging weight is usually about 60% of the live weight.

A 1200 lb animal would have a an estimated hanging weight of 720 lbs. This is the weight we use per lb to charge you. In addition, there is a $150 field harvest fee plus butcher’s cut & wrap fee based on the hanging weight which is about $.90 to $1/lb.

All weights are approximate and will vary from animal to animal.

This is the best deal for your family & friends. We will try to find other buyers to share the whole cow if you need help. Just drop us an email.

You can expect this breakdown from a Whole Cow:
20-25% Steaks, 20-25% Roasts, 35-40% Ground Beef & Stew Meat, 10% Bones, Fat, Heart, Liver, Oxtail.

An 8ft long chest freezer or a 20-22cu ft stand up freezer will fit a whole cow.


Options For Smaller Portions

20lb Paleo Box

Premium Steaks, Grilling Steaks, Roasts, Osso Buco, Ribs, Stew Meat, Ground Beef

10lb Sampler Box

Roast, Grilling Steaks, Ground Beef

Buy Per Pound

Premium Steaks

Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Rib Eye

Grilling Steaks

Eye of Round, Flank, Flap, Flat Iron, Skirt, Sirloin Tip, Top Sirloin

Tri Tip

Roasts & Short Ribs

Brisket, Chuck, Cross Rib, London Broil

Osso Buco

Cross Cut Shanks

Stew Meat

Beef Sausage

100% Beef with Ginger & Garlic in pork casing

Ground Beef

  • Single Pack (1 lb)
  • Mini Pack (5 – 9 lbs)
  • Family Pack (10 plus lbs)

Broth Bones

Beef Fat

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